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When another user tries to save the workbook, Excel displays the Resolve Conflicts dialog box with the details about each conflicting change:. To have the most recent changes automatically override any previous changes made by you or by other users , without displaying the Resolve Conflicts dialog box, do the following:. To view all the changes that have been made to the shared workbook, use the Track Changes feature on the Review tab, in the Changes group.

It will show you when a particular change was made, who made it, and what data was changed. For more information, please see:. In some situations, it can be more convenient to save several copies of a shared workbook, and then merge changes made by different users. Here's how:.

The changes by different users are merged into a single workbook. Now you can highlight the changes , so you can view all the edits at a glance. Sharing an Excel file for multiple users can result in many conflicting changes. To avoid this, you may want to disconnect certain people from the shared workbook.

If the selected user is currently editing the shared workbook, Microsoft Excel will warn you that any unsaved changes of that user will be lost. You click OK to continue or Cancel to abort the operation and allow the user to save their work. If it is you that have been disconnected, you can preserve your work by saving the shared workbook with a different name, then reopen the original shared workbook and merge your changes from the copy you've saved.

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In the Custom Views dialog box, select the views you want to remove, and click Delete. On the Editing tab, clear the Allow changes by more than one user at the same time… check box, and click OK. Excel will displays an alert that you are about to remove the file from shared use and erase the change History. If that's what you want, click Yes , otherwise No. Another way to share an Excel workbook is to save it to OneDrive, invite your colleagues to work on it, and see each other's changes instantaneously. Microsoft calls it co-authoring. In Excel and Excel , to save a workbook to OneDrive, perform these steps:.

Clicking the Share button will send an email message to each person, a copy will be sent to you too, just in case. Now, as soon as other people start editing the workbook, their names will appear in the upper-right corner sometimes pictures, initials, or even "G" that stands for guest. You can see other users' selections in different colors, your own selection is traditionally green:. If multiple users are co-authoring, and you lose track of who is editing a specific cell, click on that cell, and the person's name will be revealed.

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  • To jump to the cell being edited by someone, click their name or picture, and then click the green box with the cell address. This is how you can share an Excel file with other users. I thank you for reading and hope to see you on our blog next week! Once you unshare the workbook, can you then insert pivot tables and charts or do you need to save a new copy to start analyzing data? Once you unshare the workbook, all Excel features become available again, including pivot tables and charts.

    There is no need to save a new copy. I have very big matrix, suppose i select a particular cell, whether i can get the selected cell's first row and column where the headings for the selected cell will be written.. I hope you got my query. I am trying this now, and when one user filters, everyone's copy filters.

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    Makes it really difficult to collaborate when filters are going on and off. Is there a workaround? Can all the users edit and save changes simultaneously? Something like "Allow changes by more than one user at the same time" option. Hi David, When two or more users are editing the same workbook simultaneously, some edits can affect the same cell or cells.

    To see how the possible conflicts can be solved, please read the section of this blog titled 'How to resolve conflicting changes in a shared Excel file'.

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    Can we set up a password so that only the user who is sent the link can work on the file and the link cannot be shared with other third parties? I'm trying to enable the conditional formatting and Protect sheet function for one of my excel files.

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    The file is originally shared by my previous colleague and she left the company already. Is there a way to make it unshared by me to enable the disabled functions? Hi Svetlana, can you please advice me how to run my excel software in the cloud, thinking of using a NAS system need access from different PC's, not at the same time My program has also Macros which needs to be used.

    Hi, I have problem with shared xls files according to Office version.

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    Users have Office version and And not every formula works properly sometimes it shows right values and sometimes it shows Value error. Dragging not changed formula in version solves problem. Why is it like this? If I share a workbook with multiple tabs set up for different people, is it possible to restrict the viewing and editing of worksheets ie John can only view and edit the tab labelled 'John' and not the tabs for Mary and David?

    The same limits would apply to Mary and David. Hi, My excel workbook was shared but now it does not give the option neithr to share it nor to unshare it, do you know what could have happened? It happens with every excel we open , not only with one. When I click on review, there is no share button.

    When I click Share, my Mac hangs for an hour. Any suggestions? Hi, I made the excel shared sheet. I want everybody can see the changes and how it happened. However, only me can see any changes and how it happened when, How other people made, the other people couldn't see any sign for the changes and even their own made. I am sharing a spreadsheet and have sent out all of the shared invites, i sent one to a colleague to test and when she trys to open the spreadsheet it says it is locked by me, how do I unlock, I want all users to see it all the time and make simultaneous changes.

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    I have a Macro workbook that 5 different people need to make changes. It is also available to others as 'read only' When someone who is read only forgets they have it in their open files, no one who needs to make changes can get in to make changes. How can I stop this from happening? Is this possible? At work, we have a spreadsheet that 4 of us update daily. Ever since we have gotten Excel in May, this spreadsheet doesn't show the correct data for everyone.

    If I update something and press save, then my coworker opens it and they cannot see what I have just saved and vice versa. We have used this spreadsheet for 9 years without an issue until now. Anyone know what is going on? Hi, It sounds like my coworker and I are having the same problem. Now, we're constantly having to go back and adjust what we're entering if we happen to be entering new data on the same line, and can't see each other's work like we used to.

    I can't see what she has done until she saves her document, and I save mine after that Please advise if anyone has figured out a way around this. If excel is opened at two places and I have track changes made in excel every second in either places. In short, I have to refresh it every second without closing the excel. Good morning. We have 4 people sharing an excel spreadsheet which has been working fine for the last year, but now one person cannot save.

    It keeps coming up with. Try saving to a different file. I shared an excel file over a lan network but each time I tried opening it on other connected systems it opens as a read only document Any suggestions on making the worksheet editable. Hi, Greetings.. I have uploaded an excel sheet in onedrive and shared with team members.

    Hi, i'm trying to disable share workbook. I have shared a workbook to five user, lead to my workbook become very slow when save, open and any filter. Please help me solve the problem. I've created a shared file for my team to use when forecasting performance for the rest of the year. Each team member have their own forecast input and forecast summary tabs, with all tabs having the same layout. The calculations all work fine, the problem is with the layout and format of what they see.