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Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD 2. As a young man, Cao Cao paid a visit to Xu Shao, a man renowned for his abilities as a judge of character, and asked for an assessment; yet Xu Shao refused to respond. Though he was just 20 years old, he soon proved to be a strict but fair-minded custodian of the police. He once had the relative of a high-ranking official flogged for breaking the city curfew, when many others would have let such a powerful man go without punishment. In , the peasants revolted in what became known as the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

In these trying times, the military appointed Cao as Captain of the Cavalry. Though he succeeded in ending the rebellion, his vicious persecution of religious minorities offended many prominent families. Instead of accepting a promotion, he retired in fear of reprisals against his family. The military coaxed Cao Cao out of retirement less than two years later, with a promotion to Colonel Who Arranges the Army. His return coincided with the death of Emperor Ling, an event which would throw the imperial government into turmoil.

In reality, Empress Dowager He and a team of influential eunuchs controlled the court. Dong Zhou ousted not just the eunuchs, but the Empress Dowager and the Emperor, as well, and installed a puppet, Emperor Xian, on the throne. Dong Zhou offered Cao Cao a position in the new army, but he declined.

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Instead, he traveled to Chenliu, where he organized a resistance army. Cao and his allies to manage to chase Dong Zhou from the court, but the general took Emperor Xian with him. With no emperor on the throne, the country tumbled into a full-blown civil war. While all of eastern China was in upheaval, Cao Cao preferred to focus on smaller problems.

Leading his own small army, he cleared several small territories of bandits, impressing the ruling governors and gradually earning titles for himself. By , Cao had been declared governor of Yan Province. The tomb was found in Xigaoxoue Village in Anyang City, Henan Province, by workers as they dug mud to make bricks at a nearby kiln. Shortly after, archaeologists found a second tomb near that of Cao Cao. It contained clothes, but no human remains.

Though the State Administration of Cultural Heritage endorsed the find, scholars have debated the proper ownership of the tomb. Cao Cao had more children than you could shake a stick at, and more than 30 of them survived him. Cao Cao has his own Magic: The Gathering card.

By this point, Emperor Xian had returned to the throne. In , he invited Cao Cao to join him in Luoyang. Cao Cao had a better idea: he invited the emperor to move the capital from Luoyang to his own stronghold at Xu City. Cao Cao used his newfound power to incorporate still more territory into his sphere of influence. He feuded with warlords in Jing Province toward the south and finally seized control of Xu Province.

Cao was soon in open war with the entire Yuan Clan, one of the most powerful in all of China.