Traveler of the Void

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Got it, thanks.

Void Traveler

Just for reference, one of the stickies has a google doc with tons of info and all item locations. Where can I find those?

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Please let me know, and thanks. It's in one of the stickies on this forum. The topic is something about equipment and sidequests.

Tales of the Void Traveler

More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? User Info: falchion falchion 4 months ago 1 While reading up on the Devourer of Men, it was repeatedly emphasized that the Void Amulet is needed. According to IGN, there are only two.

Are those the only ones? Please let me know if any others are out there, and thanks in advance. User Info: chang3ling chang3ling 4 months ago 2 Yes.

User Info: falchion falchion Topic Creator 4 months ago 3 chang3ling posted This book constantly speaks of a "void" or "silence" that exists beneath the words of all books. Based on your reading, what can you say about this void?

The Star Conquering Traveler (Void Termina) by Desolo Zantas : Kirby

What can anyone say about it? Is it, by definition, something you can't really talk about?

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    How does this question play out in the novel? Cite This Page.

    Samael And The Star Traveler

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