Totenwall: Ein historischer Kriminalroman (Sören Bischop ermittelt 6) (German Edition)

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Left 4 Dead Guide L4D Tips

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I received my most wanted books. My friends are so angry because they don't know how I have all this high quality ebooks. And I still keep silent haha The are so many fake sites which said they have the book that I want like latest Harry Potter. Constrict two Survivors on one life as a Smoker.

Same tactic, as one used for the previous achievement " double jump ". Dole out total Survivor damage as a Special Infected.

Start 1v1 versus friends only game, you being the special and your friend being the survivor. Crash course part 2, you'll spawn as a tank in the finale, have your friend escort the bots near the car at the end of the yard, simply punch the car onto the survivors, and keep punching it until they're all dead. You can also use this to get achievements such as " All 4 Dead ", " Wipefest " and " 20 car pile-up ". As an Infected, incap a Survivor who has entered and left a safe room. In a friends only 1v1 versus game, have your friend waste 2 bots, he and another bot should enter the saferoom but not close the door.

When they exit, you should attack the bot as a hunter or a smoker. You can combine this to get either " chain smoker " or " double jump ". Drag a Survivor feet with your tongue as a Smoker. In a friends only versus game, have your friend kill 3 bots, you should approach him as a smoker until your reticle becomes red, meaning you can grab him. Slowly walk towards him and grab him as soon as reticle becomes red.

Cover four Survivors with Boomer bile at once. This achievement is a bit tricky and it needs to be timed right. Obviously, friends only versus game, have you friend escort the bots to a safe room but do not close the door. In the bot's mechanics, while they're in the saferoom they're not as precise or fast at shooting as they usually are, use this and enter the saferoom and try covering all 4 of them with the bile. They should be grouped up closely but not too close. Kill all four Survivors on one life as a Tank. You do not have to kill all 4, you can just incap them.

For this achievement view the " dead wreckening " achievement section. Win a Versus campaign of Crash Course. Friendly 1v1 versus campaign on crash course, whenever your friend will be playing as a survivor, he should kill himself at the start while you should beat his score however you want. Once you enter the rescue vehicle and beat him, this will unlock.

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Smoker pull a bile-covered Survivor until you hold him during Crash Course. Load up crash course friends only game, you'll need 2 friends for this. Have the player controlled survivor kill other bots, the other friend being a boomer vomitting on your friend and you should grab him with your tongue, try to be as close as possible since there will be a horde coming. Your team incapacitates three Survivors within five seconds.

View " dead wreckening " achievement section for the tactic. Pounce a Survivor for 25 points of damage in the Crash Course campaign. A Boomer that is lit on fire effectively becomes a "ticking timebomb", and once its health is depleted it will explode, covering any nearby survivors in Bile.

When dealing with the Hunter, there are a few rules of thumb and things you need to keep in mind:. The Hunter excels at picking off any stragglers or lone Survivors in any team. A Hunter's pounce pins a Survivor, leaving the victim completely helpless and doing the quickest damage to a survivor of any infected except the charger, if the player is not incapacitated , until the other Survivors melee the Hunter or effectively kill it.

Otherwise, without another Survivor's intervention, the pinned Survivor will die. The Tank, one of the most dangerous Special Infected by far, is able to withstand lots of punishment and can incapacitate Survivors in a few punches.

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In Versus , the Tank is given out at random but usually goes to the two players with the highest points. When you get the Tank you will usually spawn ahead of the Survivors. Start running towards them as soon as you spawn for two reasons:. As a Tank, you need to use the environment to your advantage. Punching certain objects - they will glow red to show that you can punch them. Punching the object at Survivors will cause an automatic incapacitation on impact.

In a choke point, such as the alleyways of No Mercy which mostly have dumpsters or cars, this can be devastating, scoring an instant win as all the Survivors are incapacitated in one hit. It's also possible to knock objects into the alleys in such a fashion that it effectively blocks the Survivors path, dooming them to a premature grave.

However, if you die before the Survivors do, and their path is still blocked e. On all finales , after each horde spawns, a Tank will spawn. This will happen twice before the rescue vehicle arrives. Once the rescue vehicle arrives, another Tank will spawn, and that will be the Infected's final chance to finish off the Survivors.

If possible, try to punch Survivors off rooftops for an instant and free kill.

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Remember to always look for a lone Survivor as a Tank! If the others run off but one is trying to heal or gets trapped by Infected, score an easy incapacitation and lower the Survivor count! They won't be able to get far, but if you're running at all of the Survivors and they're all firing continuously at you, your speed will be dramatically reduced and they will more than likely kill you before you can do any real damage.

Fire is the Tank's worst enemy.

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If the Survivors manage to set you on fire you will eventually die no matter how much they shoot you or how many you kill. A Tank at full health that has been set on fire will die in thirty seconds, so avoid fire at all costs! However, if you are near a large body of water e.

Do not punch any Survivors already pinned by Special Infected, or you will kill that Infected, unintentionally free the Survivor and possibly save their life. Safe room doors can be destroyed by the Tank, but only the ones at the beginning. You cannot destroy the Safe Room door at the end to prevent the Survivors from winning. Most bullets cannot penetrate the Tank. Sometimes it is useful to purposely put yourself in between free-standing Survivors and one that is pinned by a Charger, Hunter, or Smoker.

Tanks are also meatshields! If you do this with a Charger, it will make your job easier. Doing this can pretty much destroy the Survivors; but if you don't, more of your teammates will roll in as well, killing any runners. This game hates lone wolves like no other. You need teammates to cover your back and pull you out of tough situations. There are a few tactics and tips you should keep in mind:. As long as the special Infected outnumber you, chances are that they will get a combination that can leave you and your team helpless.

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On the other hand, if the Survivor team outnumbers the Infected team, these are the only outcomes that could possibly lead to everyone being downed. Most healing is done when not needed; For example, if you have 30 bleed-out health like after revival from incapacitation , do not heal. Instead, take pills or adrenaline.

On easier difficulties, pills and adrenaline are not so common, while there are more first aid kits, so when out of pills or adrenaline, using a first aid kit when health is around 40 or lower is advised. On harder difficulties, as pills and adrenaline appear more common, while first aid kits are more scarce, you should wait until after your final incapacitation when your vision becomes monochrome , because a First-Aid Kit can cure that and save you time. Try to use health kits during Crescendo Events or after a horde only if needed. If you just got up from being knocked down and you are in a finale or horde, take your Pills or Adrenaline to cover your healing time so you do not get knocked down again while healing.

Voice communication is extremely useful and most players will need to use it to ensure survival.


It is not a requirement, but voice communication is a lot easier than using the message chat and it will help teammates know what is going on around them while normally offering them a quicker rescue response from special Infected and being incapacitated. Turn On Closed or Full Captions: If you turn either of the above on by going into options, the game will say things like "Tank growls" or "Incoming Attack".

Although not necessary, this will help a lot to new players.