The Seminarian (A Humoresque)

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The Seminarian (A Humoresque)

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Antonín Dvořák - Humoresque No. 7, Op. 101

Sister Luke finds her faith tested and struggles with obedience in quite normal ways. She is very smart and full of good intentions. The elder nuns are very supportive and gently loving towards her. But working in the Congo hospital with Dr. Fortunati, she wrestles with her growing esteem for the good doctor. In the end, she chooses to leave the convent.

Unfortunately, the movie does not address her difficulties after she is free of the convent. The Catholic Bishops web site is kind to this movie, but I doubt it serves much usefulness amongst those discerning a vocation. Note: Audrey Hepburn actually met Marie-Louise Habets the former nun while preparing for the role, and Habets later helped nurse Hepburn back to health following her near-fatal horse-riding accident on the set of the film "The Unforgiven. New priests in USA - including a Twin! This month, our parish will see two seminarians ordained to the deaconate!

Their annual survey shows one of the is a twin!! Both were raised as Southern Baptists.