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Jordan is a brilliant man who knows twelve or more languages. I wish the scope of his brilliance came through this text. At the time I read it, there was no wikipedia. Nov 03, Aaron rated it really liked it.

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A very nice survey of Europe between and AD. Covers many interesting details on the lives of historic figures as well as the commonality and the peasant classes. Good starting point for continued exploration of this time period. Mar 01, Samuel rated it really liked it. A most interesting and well-written history of the Middle Ages. No stone was left unturned by Jordan and it is very up-to-date and its information.

A definite recommend for anyone interested in the subject. Sep 26, Olga rated it really liked it. Very good introduction to the period - accessible to the mass reader. Dec 16, Voss rated it really liked it. Molto interessante.

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Un periodo vasto e complesso raccontato in tono per nulla noioso ma non superficiale. Vera sorpresa per me tutto quanto riguarda l'Europa centrale di cui non avevo mai saputo nulla.

Medieval Literature

Jan 01, Amanda rated it it was amazing. I highly recommend all of the books in the Penguin History of Europe series. Oct 22, Clare rated it liked it Shelves: ebook , history , non-fiction , own , renaissance-medieval. Jun 25, Tony Gualtieri rated it really liked it.

A solid and comprehensive history, but I would have wished for a bit more analysis. Feb 01, Mark rated it really liked it. A very satisfying and easy-to-read high level overview of the period. Aug 07, David Badgery rated it liked it Shelves: read-non-fiction. Pretty dry and superficial and lacks the underlying insight that most the other volumes in the series have.

Jul 28, Ellen rated it liked it Shelves: thinking. Aug 01, Rachael rated it really liked it Recommended to Rachael by: the author. One of this reader's favorite Princeton professors Three intoxicating tales of three women - their secret desires, fears and madness - from a giant of Brazilian literature. The great traveller-reporter finds an even stranger and more exotic society in his own home of post-war Poland than in any of the distant lands he has visited. Camus argues passionately that the artist has a responsibility to challenge, provoke and speak up for those who cannot, in his powerful Nobel Prize speech and lecture.

In these searing stories set in California's Salinas Valley, one of America's greatest, most humane writers explores mob violence, a disturbing encounter and a bitter betrayal. Written in the voices of four different fictional alter egos, these rich, strange and mesmeric verses by Portugal's greatest poet express a maelstrom of conflicted thoughts and feelings. Malice, paranoia and creeping dread lie beneath the surface of ordinary American life in these chilling miniature masterworks of unease.

In these stories, four writers - all exiles from revolutionary Russia - explore four deaths in a world in which old certainties have crumbled. These exuberant, endlessly inventive stories interweave scientific fact with wordplay, whimsy and cosmic flights of fancy in a strange and wondrous universe.

Medieval poetry, Love with all its aspects and all its languages - Michel Zink

From the self-described 'black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet', these soaring, urgent essays on the power of women, poetry and anger are filled with darkness and light. These dreamlike, carnivalesque fables by one of the leading lights of the Surrealist movement are masterpieces of invention and grand-guignol humour. A deliberately severed finger, a junky's Christmas miracle and a Tangier con-artist, among others, feature in these hallucinogenic sketches and stories from the infamous Beat legend.

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This work is a good and brief overview of the general movement of the Middle Ages without feeling it necessary to create an exhaustive account of every detail of history. It works as a good foundational view of the period with which you can add additional meat at your preference as it was used in my class. I can't necessarily qualify Keen's scholarship without a great deal more research, but he has a comprehensive bibliography of his sources. Keen's Reread of one of my college texts. Keen's structural theme also gives the temporal framework he places on the Middle Ages, that being the crowning of Charlemagne as Emperor in and the dissolution of the Council of Basel or as he writes, Basle in He cites his primary theme as the focus and unity of Western Europe under Papal rule through this time, and cites the various growths of Monarchic, Nationalist, and Laity powers along with variously caused erosions of Papal power as being the ultimate end of the era as it blurred into the Renaissance.

Aug 13, russell barnes rated it it was ok Shelves: history , nonfiction , raiding-anas-shelves. I now know more about how the interaction between Church and nascent royalty, their relationship with the nobility and how trade and the need for security to support it drove the development of medieval European society than I did before. I also discovered my wife underlined a lot of seemingly random paragraphs for her A-Levels. Only one of these things will be useful in a pub quiz. Assuming a there's a round about the development of medieval European society and the facts that went into its I now know more about how the interaction between Church and nascent royalty, their relationship with the nobility and how trade and the need for security to support it drove the development of medieval European society than I did before.

Assuming a there's a round about the development of medieval European society and the facts that went into its formation. Jan 02, Nienna rated it liked it. A good overview of medieval history of the western Europe for a lay reader, however it is not very strong on Germany and leave out pretty much all of eastern Europe and it also ignore several of the newer perspectives which were developed by historians such as Duby, Fichtenau, Wolfram, Le Goff etc. Jun 08, Ryanofthenorth rated it liked it. Good when it addresses broad concepts, weak when it gets into specifics. Chapters 2,3,4,5,7,10,11,18 were all worth reading, the rest of the book is a bit difficult as it moves at too brisk of a pace for the uninitiated.

Jan 18, Kevin Pengili rated it it was ok. Unfortunately, this could've been saved by a better writing style. The information is all there, but there are also unnecessary words and poor fundamentals which worry me. Sep 20, Russ rated it it was ok. Jan 02, Flightless rated it did not like it. I could not read this book.

It was the driest thing I have ever read. All I wanted was a nice read about medieval times that would help me understand the era as research for a book.

In the Pines (Penguin Poets) (Paperback)

However, I could not get through it. I think that indeed, there are people who would enjoy this book. I am not one of them. Feb 17, Dave rated it liked it. An interesting look at Europe in the Middle Ages. Keen offers a very broad look at the period from the rise of Charlemagne to the end of the s. The book starts off a bit slow, but picks up pace as the fascinating history of the Crusades, papal exploits and the Hundred Years War unfold.

A good intro to this period in history. Apr 05, Christopher rated it liked it Shelves: medieval-lit. The Oxford Medieval Europe is better. May 27, Jay Risner rated it liked it. Aug 29, Ryan Patrick rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction Jul 03, Tara Calaby rated it liked it Shelves: history , used-to-own , read-for-uni. Read by: Thomas Cahill. Synopsis Praise.

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After the long period of cultural decline known as the Dark Ages, Europe experienced a rebirth of scholarship, art, literature, philosophy, and science and began to develop a vision of Western society that remains at the heart of Western civilization today.

By placing the image of the Virgin Mary at the center of their churches and their lives, medieval people exalted womanhood to a level unknown in any previous society. For the first time, men began to treat women with dignity and women took up professions that had always been closed to them. The communion bread, believed to be the body of Jesus, encouraged the formulation of new questions in philosophy: Could reality be so fluid that one substance could be transformed into another? Could ordinary bread become a holy reality? Could mud become gold, as the alchemists believed?

These new questions pushed the minds of medieval thinkers toward what would become modern science.