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Many of Singapore's treasures are experienced rather than seen.

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On a scouting trip, start your day with Kaya toast from one of Ya Kun Kaya Toast's outlets before hitting the Singapore Botanic Gardens and its rich array of plants and flowers. For a hip vibe, head to Haji Lane in the Kampong Glam area, before making your way to Little India, for a bit of more chaos within an otherwise perfectly manicured Singapore.

If shopping is your thing, head to Orchard Road, otherwise relax with a gin at the rooftop bar of the Fullerton Bay Hotel, with the Marina Bay Sands complex in full view. Make a short walk to Customs House for some tapas or seafood, and finish off the day at the Ce La Vi nightclub, which offers amazing views of the city, 57 floors up.

Health care. Driver's licence. As an Expat.

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  6. Formalities, Visas, Work, Bank. Share your tips or your knowledges about the new country where you chose to live, or about your own country. It could become much harder for expatriates to find a job in the Singapore services sector. It was announced on the Tuesday 19th of February during Aspiring writer Ellie's boyfriend received a job offer in Singapore, and they jumped at the chance to live in one Block 71 has been a home to startups in Singapore for some time, but with this new announcement from the country's By continuing to browse our site, you are agreeing to our cookie policy.

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    Moving To Singapore? 12222 Living Costs & Relocation Tips

    If so, please click on the "Send verification email" button to send a verification email to and follow these instructions to remove our emails from your spam folder. Living in Singapore guide Find out all you need to know to relocate and live in Singapore with the expat guide. Information about Singapore This tiny nation state could easily be overlooked on a world map, but do not be misled by its size.

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    Living and Working in Bangkok: Your Bangkok Expat Guide

    Quick Informations Click to activate Singapore's map. Useful Informations 2 Generalities General information. Write an article. Find more topics on the Singapore forum. MOM rejected work permit. By Faizal By dhilipvishwa. EPass status is rejected but employer states that he appealed. This creates an attractive climate in which entrepreneurs can incorporate and operate and enjoy the rewards on their capital investment without incurring excessive tax burden as in most other countries.

    The healthcare system in Singapore revolves around Medisave, a healthcare savings plan that Singaporeans are required to pay into each month. When citizens fall ill, the costs are covered by their Medisave plan in the first instance. A government fund called Medifund covers those who cannot afford Medisave payments. Policies and prices for insurance companies are set by the government; the associated costs are transparent.

    The government is also active in the area of preventative care, with educational programs in place to inform the public about the benefits of exercise, a healthy diet, and a smoke-free lifestyle. In order to prevent the spread of mosquito-borne diseases, the National Environment Agency is known for conducting surprise checks for mosquito breeding and imposing heavy fines at breeding sites. In addition to public healthcare, private healthcare also has a strong presence in the country. The quality of care in private hospitals is world class; the country is visited by thousands of medical tourists every year.

    From government policy to the businesses that move to the region, Singapore culture values self-sufficiency, hard work and meritocracy.

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    Having been sorted into an academic stream appropriate for their ability, students are driven towards high levels of excellence by healthy competition and regularly top international lists evaluating performance. The public education system in Singapore is overseen by the Ministry of Education, which heavily subsidizes the public schools in the region. There are also international or Foreign System Schools geared towards the children of expats.

    Additionally, a rail network comprises stations across four main lines. Three more lines will be completed by to allow the network to transport as many as 4. The cost-effectiveness of the public transport system stands in sharp contrast to the road network, the private use of which is heavily taxed by the government to avoid smog and excessive congestion. Owning a vehicle in Singapore is extremely expensive. Cars are subjected to registration fees, excise duties, carbon taxes and additional fees based on the type of fuel drivers use.

    The city-state boasts an enviable location in central Asia that can be reached from many international airports.

    Living and Working in Bangkok: Your Bangkok Expat Guide

    Changi will be opening a new terminal in Housing in Singapore can be divided into three categories: private apartments, landed property and public housing. Such accommodations are typically designed in a modern, even futuristic style, and come equipped with security and amenities such as swimming pools, recreational areas and car parks. The scarcity of land in Singapore means that renting landed property terraced houses, semi-detached-houses etc is extremely expensive. Foreigners are prohibited from buying landed property, unless they become a permanent resident and gain written permission from the Ministry of Law.

    For expats on a budget, public housing is the best option. Much of the local population of Singapore lives in HDBs. While HDBs do not provide access to the luxury amenities provided by more expensive private housing, they are normally part of an estate comprising a shopping center, eateries, and sports facilities.

    Living and Working in Bangkok: Your Bangkok Expat Guide

    Singapore is a melting pot of different cultural traditions. The population is roughly The details of this Work Permit are nearly identical to the S Pass, with the addition of the following criteria: Families cannot join Work Permit holders in Singapore. Permit holders cannot work towards permanent residency in Singapore.

    Female workers will have their permit cancelled if they become pregnant, and they will need government permission to marry a Singapore citizen or permanent resident. Retiring in Singapore Retiring in Singapore can be a bit difficult. Live in Singapore Live in Singapore. Tyler Sorce Oct 19, May 3, Apr 22, Invest in Singapore Invest in Singapore.

    Sep 5, Retire in Singapore Retire in Singapore. Travel in Singapore Travel in Singapore. Sachin Wason Apr 23, The vibrancy and sustainability of the local food scene of a place or culture is often seen as a reflection of the…. To Brew or Not to Brew, that is in the gourmet question! Oct 6, What to Do in Singapore Jun 16, Work in Singapore Work in Singapore.

    The BEST and WORST parts of living in Singapore // Expat living

    Singapore is a Southeast Asian country that has quickly risen the ranks of desired expat destinations.