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He will presumably still be dressed as a girl by his mother and forced to adopt a girl's name, etc.

Keeping families with sick children together and near the care and resources they need.

And, the gag order against Mr. Younger and his son, James. These signatures of support will be personally delivered to Mr. Younger and Texas Governor, Greg Abbott. Simply put: this kind of maltreatment Please pray for James, his Dad, Jeffrey, and all involved in this terrible abomination and miscarriage of justice. On Monday, October 21st, a jury voted against granting Mr.

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Younger primary decision making rights for his twin boys. Anne Georgulas. Astonishingly, Younger has been prohibited by the courts from teaching James that he is a boy, and from sharing religious teachings on sexuality and gender. He has also been accused of abuse for saying his son is a boy, despite James wearing boy clothes and playing with and having mostly male friends.

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Louis while they and the rest of the Corps headed for the Pacific. The group next headed out of Lemhi Pass and crossed the Bitterroot Mountain Range using the harrowing Lolo Trail and the help of many horses and a handful of Shoshone guides. This leg of the journey proved to be the most difficult as many of them suffered from frostbite, hunger, dehydration, bad weather, freezing temperatures and exhaustion. Still, despite the merciless terrain and conditions, not a single soul was lost. The Indians took in the weary travelers, fed them and helped them regain their health.

As the Corps recovered, they built dugout canoes, then left their horses with the Nez Perce and braved the Clearwater River rapids to Snake River and then to Columbia River. They reportedly ate dog meat along the way instead of wild game. A bedraggled and harried Corps finally reached the stormy Pacific Ocean in November They decided to make camp near present-day Astoria, Oregon , and started building Fort Clatsop on December 10 and moved in by Christmas.

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It was not an easy winter at Fort Clatsop. Everyone struggled to keep themselves and their supplies dry and fought an ongoing battle with tormenting fleas and other insects. Almost everyone was weak and sick with stomach problems likely caused by bacterial infections , hunger or influenza-like symptoms. On March 23, , the Corps left Fort Clatsop for home.

They retrieved their horses from the Nez Perce and waited until June for the snow to melt to cross the mountains into the Missouri River Basin. The two groups planned to rendezvous where the Yellowstone and Missouri met in North Dakota.

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Department of the Interior. Two days later, at Marias River near present-day Cut Bank, Montana, Lewis and his group encountered eight Blackfeet warriors and were forced to kill two of them when they tried to steal weapons and horses. The location of the clash became known as Two Medicine Fight Site. It was the only violent episode of the expedition, although soon after the Blackfeet fight, Lewis was accidentally shot in his buttocks during a hunting trip; the injury was painful and inconvenient but not fatal.

On August 12, Lewis and Clark and their crews reunited and dropped off Sacagawea and her family at the Mandan villages. They then headed down the Missouri River — with the currents moving in their favor this time — and arrived in St. Lewis and Clark returned to Washington , D. Not only had they completed their mission of surveying the Louisiana Territory from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean — though they failed to identify a coveted Northwest Passage across the continent — they did so against tremendous odds with just one death and little violence.

The Corps had traveled more than 8, miles, produced invaluable maps and geographical information, identified at least animal specimens and botanical samples and initiated peaceful relations with dozens of Native American tribes.

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Both Lewis and Clark received double pay and 1, acres of land for their efforts. Clark remained well-respected and lived a successful life. Lewis, however, was not an effective governor and drank too much.

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He never married or had children and died in of two gunshot wounds, possibly self-inflicted. Building Fort Clatsop. Corps of Discovery. National Park Service: Gateway Arch. Expedition Timeline. Flagship: Keelboat, Barge or Boat? Fort Clatsop Illnesses. Fort Mandan Winter. Indian Peace Medals. Lemhi Valley to Fort Clatsop. Lolo Trail. Louisiana Purchase. The Journey. The Native Americans. To Equip an Expedition. Two Medicine Fight Site. Washington City to Fort Mandan. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present.

Lewis first met Clark after being court-martialed by the Army.

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While serving as a frontier army officer in , a young Meriwether Lewis was court-martialed for allegedly challenging a lieutenant to a duel during a drunken dispute. The year-old was found not guilty of the Daniel Boone was a hunter, fur trapper and trailblazing American frontiersman whose name is synonymous with the exploration and settlement of Kentucky. The Louisiana Purchase of brought into the United States about , square miles of territory from France, thereby doubling the size of the young republic. What was known at the time as the Louisiana Territory stretched from the Mississippi River in the east to the Rocky Buffalo soldiers were African American soldiers who mainly served on the Western frontier following the American Civil War.

In , six all-black cavalry and infantry regiments were created after Congress passed the Army Organization Act. Their main tasks were to help control Famed as a frontiersman, folk hero, congressman and Alamo defender, Davy Crockett was one of the most celebrated and mythologized figures in American history.