Tears at Midnight

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Eleven other of his soldiers died that night. Having been the commander of the mission, Roger felt responsible for every man who met his earthly end that night. Like a father to his sons, he loved and admired those soldiers. He was committed to protecting them. Now, he had let them down, he concluded, and years later, still struggled with the violent memory. I thank God for the brave men and women of our Armed Forces, past and present, and I salute the courage and gallantry of my friend, Roger Sherrard.

From those shed tears on the mall in Washington, history and a renewed appreciation of sacrifice came alive for me. Sign up for my weekly e-newsletter.

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I have high esteem for the men in uniform-- in all the branches of the miniltary and in all the wars they fought. They ansered the call to duty to fight for freedom and protect the people.. I was a child during the WW11 ,and have experienced the ravages and horrors of war. I will never forget the sacrifices of the American soldierswho came to rescue us in the Philippines. I am here today because of them. Many of them gave the ultimate sacrifice so many innocent people and children,like me could be saved..

Our country was finally freed from the enemy's oppression. It was costly.!!

Because of that freedom, I am grateful too for the priveledge and honor to be a citizen of America. I love this country.

What causes dry eye disease?

When my two sons decided to be in the military service --in the Navy, ,I was so thrilledbecause at least a part of me can return that appreciation to this country that helped me and my family to be free. God bless you.

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Wow, great story Jim, had my tears rolling too. I have not had the honor of serving for this great country through the military but I lift them up in prayer because God has ordained them to partner with Him in being watchmen on the walss of our borders. I appreciate your ministry and pray for you as well, Thank you and may God continue to bless this country and your ministry. DarrenTerpstra More than 1 year ago A great post and reminder of the sacrifice of our soldiers this Memorial Day week.

Computer use can also make your eyes drier because you may not blink as often when looking at a computer screen, causing rapid tear evaporation.

Body temperature drops one to two degrees as bedtime nears, and metabolism slows during sleep. Because body functions slow, blood circulation slows and there are fewer nutrients reaching the eye and fewer tears being produced. As mentioned earlier, incomplete eyelid closure during sleep can also contribute to dry, irritated eyes.

There are many over-the-counter remedies that relieve the irritation of dry eyes at night.

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Also, if you address the symptoms related to dryness during the day, you can limit the irritation of dry eyes at night. Start with lubricating tears, gels and ointments. Follow the instructions carefully. The thickness could interfere with clear vision and should be applied at bedtime. Lifestyle changes can help prevent dry eyes, such as limiting computer time before bed.

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You can also put a humidifier in several rooms in the house, including your bedroom, to add moisture to the environment. Your eye doctor may prescribe medication, and for severe conditions, your ophthalmologist may recommend other dry eye treatment options , such as punctal plugs inserted into the tear ducts to keep the tears from draining out of the eye.

Is it time to put together a plan to correct your dry eyes?

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Request an appointment with the eye doctors at Barnet Dulaney and Perkins to help correct vision problems and improve the quality of your life. What causes dry eye disease? Health conditions that cause dry eye Health disorders can also result in dry eyes, including Sjorgen disease, Sarcoid disease, diabetes, thyroid problems and sleep apnea. LASIK surgery and long-term contact lens use can also contribute to dry eyes.

Environmental factors associated with dry eye Working or living in a smoky, dry environment can also cause tears to evaporate rapidly and dry the surface of your eyes.