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Analogously, Kingdom Come portrays Brooklands as simply an extension of the Metro-Centre, a mere sideline on the way to the main event:. The traffic into Brooklands had slowed, filling the six-lane highway built to draw the population of south-east England towards the Metro-Centre. Dominating the landscape around it, the immense aluminium dome housed the largest shopping mall in Greater London … Consumerism dominated the lives of its people, who looked as if they were shopping whatever they were doing. Secession of the consumer state seems the commonsense solution, yet they fail to see, as the Harvard Guide demonstrates, that consumerism is already autonomous, and that it is everywhere, limitless and relentless, redefining the world as itself, even the acts of transgression enacted in its name.

As in Millennium People, the revolution becomes an act of empty symbolism as the authorities again move in to drive the rebels from the mall they had occupied for two months. For Ballard, politics is a subset of advertising.

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Politicians sell personal style rather than objective government, resulting in a complete invasion of the political realm by consumerism and aesthetics. In Kingdom Come, the explicitly micronational elements in the narrative are easily recouped by consumer capitalism. Pearson, alone, sees the folly of the Metro-Centre micro-republic, predicting how the consumer landscape, which has now expanded to become the State itself, will always renew itself:.

One day there would be another Metro-Centre and another desperate and deranged dream.

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Marchers would drill and wheel while another cable announcer sang out the beat. In time, unless the sane woke and rallied themselves, an even fiercer republic would open the doors and spin the turnstiles of its beckoning paradise. Pearson broadcasts his creations to the world, but when they reach peak capacity he disengages, refusing to follow the logic of transgression — the cycle of action-reaction-destruction — to its bitter conclusion, a trajectory that destroys the characters Prentice in Cocaine Nights and Sinclair in Super-Cannes.

Both literalise their unconscious roles as switches in a perpetual relay of destruction. Prentice willingly substitutes himself for his brother Frank as perpetrator of a fatal, mysterious house fire, while the real crime of consumer capitalism — the selling of transgressive acts as entertainment, which led to the fire — reforms around him, forever evading detection. The account that … Ballard give[s] of simulated alterity suggests that transgression is not actually transgressive; it is rather that transgression is boring… To play the game of transgression is to fall within an unacknowledged banality, as well as to continue to sustain the dead forms of contemporary culture.

Within this fluctuation, there is a final connection with micronationalism.

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In , the Amorph! Many of the micronations represented were based on the NSK model, a template that marked a shift away from the traditional claiming of physical space. Therefore, time, as an aggregation of individual experiences, becomes the only productive way to measure, and inhabit, space, which has now become a commodity, fought over for inscrutable nationalistic or consumerist purposes. And this sharpens the eye and the imagination.

The challenge is for each of us to respond, to remake as much as we can of the world around us, because no one else will do it for us. We have to find a core within us and get to work. But it is his final words from the interview that are particularly worth remembering. There, we find a genuine call to arms that puts his failed revolutionaries — Faulkner, Ballantyne, Prentice, Sinclair — to shame.

Just get on with it! Ballard — London: Fourth Estate, , pp. Howe London and New York, Verso, , p. Ballard Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, , p. Ballard, Millennium People London: Flamingo, , p.

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Ballard Manchester: Manchester University Press, , p. Ballard, Concrete Island London: Vintage, [] , p. Introduction to the French edition of Crash! Ballard, p.

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Ballard , quoted in V. Vale and Mike Ryan, eds, J.

Study Notes: Empire of the Sun

Ballard — London: Fourth Estate, , p. Ballard Map of Lunghua Lunghwa civilian camp, Shanghai. Next post Journey to the Centre of Google Earth. Jim returns to Lunghua camp, soon returning to his pre-war residence with his parents. The book was adapted by Tom Stoppard in It starred a then year-old Christian Bale , [5] as well as John Malkovich and Miranda Richardson ; it also featured an appearance by a year-old Ben Stiller , in a dramatic role. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Empire of the Sun disambiguation. Main article: Empire of the Sun film.

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