Rock of Our Redeemer: Talks From the 2002 BYU Womens Conference

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He spoke with eloquent plainness to those with ears to hear. His talks were to me like hearing fresh scripture live. I never tire of his words, like those gems in standard works. Thank you for initiating the work. I have especially missed his talks at conferences, but grateful much is preserved and available. Are you certain it was a devotional and not a stake conference address, etc.? Those have proven more difficult to track down. Where did you find it cited? Daniel R. By: Ascentury on Friday, 7 May at 9.

No, I was never able to track down someone with a copy of the transcript who would respond to my queries. There must be one sitting around in some missionary home or something, though…. By: Ascentury on Tuesday, 7 February at Do you know how I can get audio recordings of older things like this? They often replay older conference talks, and you can record the audio online to an MP3 using something like Audacity, but there are probably simpler solutions too.

Also, your local ward or branch library may have copies of cassettes going back that far. By: Ascentury on Monday, 10 May at By: Ascentury on Tuesday, 2 November at LeGrand R.

Curtis, Florida Tallahassee Mission, By: Ascentury on Saturday, 13 November at I loaned my copy of the talk to someone years ago and never got it back. I also made a long-hand transcript of it, but have lost it as well. Does anyone know where I can find it or get it written or anything like that? Thanks so much!!! By: Ascentury on Monday, 15 November at Ths is great — thank you. By: Ascentury on Tuesday, 16 November at Thank you for the work you have done in compiling this.

I have searched through several books and data bases but cannot find the transcript. Could you help?

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By: Ascentury on Friday, 24 December at Unfortunately, I have not found it online. I have it in a printed booklet of the talks from that session. Is there anyway you can send me a copy or a link of the booklet? Please, feel free to add these to your list. By: Jeff Cummings on Thursday, 20 February at By: Ascentury on Thursday, 24 July at Is a copy of that talk available?

Thank you, Morris.

By: Ascentury on Sunday, 30 January at Thank you for your quick response. Or a transcript of the talk in another format Word, WordPerfect, or Pages? I see the reference to an audio copy of that talk in MP3 format, but not he pdf format. If so please email me at michelewatts50 gmail.

The Precious Promise | Neal A. Maxwell

By: Ascentury on Tuesday, 1 February at 8. Excellent site! Does anyone have it or know where I could find it. By: courtney b on Sunday, 1 May at This listing of his efforts is a wonderful tool to explore the heart and mind of this wonderful man. Thanks for putting forth the work to share the works of Elder Maxwell. By: bdorny on Friday, 9 September at 9.

The Process of Character Building

By: Ascentury on Monday, 19 September at 7. By: The Works of Neal A. Maxwell C. Clark on Sunday, 16 October at Long live the prolific utterences of Elder Neil Ash Maxwell, for time and memorial, as he continues to preform his scribal vocations, in onclaves of the Wittness Protection Programme. One of many who never tasted death. This resource-database is not only very special but also very profound; it stands as a testimony of Neal A. If we merely use his works as a library however, it will most likely not meet his full intentions.

As I see it, his special mission in mortality was to nourish and attend to all those who decide to enter into the true discipleship and fellowship of Christ. His words reach out and touch the hearts of all, who, after all we can do, still seek and earnestly strive for a new spiritual birth. In this regard, when we search his words we will come to understand and treasure his work as a true inheritance; especially when we consider that it takes many years for the fruits of a mighty change of heart, that is to say: lasting changes in the depth of our heart, to be visible.

With unfailing and unremitting efforts Elder Maxwell dedicated his life to opening the door of understanding the unique responsibility of the Saviour, and the direct interference and tutorship of Christ in our lives — if we are willing to submit! The spirit and influence of his works will accompany and spiritually prepare generations, present and future, for the approaching second coming, when all living will be purified even as He is pure. By: Roland Wederich on Saturday, 12 November at 3. If anyone has time and is so inclined, a transcript would be most useful.

Also, is there any interest in having this converted to a wiki-type format or something where perhaps the text as well could be posted assuming copyright issues can be worked out? Or are the links sufficient? By: Ascentury on Sunday, 19 February at He spoke like Jesus and now i can read your writtens. Ele falou como Jesus e agora eu posso ler suas palavras. Thanks so much for your great work in doing this. Unless it was published twice or updated, the correct date is Thanks again.

The Enemy Among Us

By: Ascentury on Tuesday, 13 March at I presume you intend this site to provide a listing of his spoken and written contributions that is as exhaustive as possible. I have also a funeral program if you feel it would be appropriate to publish. What is your email address, Daniel? Fixed the funeral page link. By: Ascentury on Friday, 23 March at By: Roland Wederich on Thursday, 4 October at 2.

I have gotten a list of addresses and recordings from the BYU library that I am now slowly incorporating. I am also beginning to add the Library of Congress call numbers, where appropriate, to facilitate library hard-copy access. By: Ascentury on Saturday, 24 March at The Church is beginning to make all the old conference talks available as audio and video files and the archive will go back to To see what is up for any given conference, go to generalconference.

Then click on a year, then April or October. All video and audio posted will be downloadable as well. The goal is to finish the entire project late this year, but they as of now have a lot of April Conferences back to probably about as of today, 10 April Great news. By: Ascentury on Wednesday, 11 April at 7. By: Ascentury on Sunday, 10 June at 7. This collection of Maxwell works is incredible. Thanks for devoting so much time to this confluence. Many thanks!! I can only find references to it. By: Ascentury on Tuesday, 16 February at Simply amazing.

Putting in the video links is really the final touch to make this database an irreplaceable resource. Hi thanks for making this amazing list. I have gone through all the cassette tapes of the conference talks and converted them as MP3. I also found two more talks not listed here that were given by Elder Maxwell at General Conference Leadership Training sessions for Stake Presidents that were on the tapes, but not included in any other sources that I could find.

If you would like me to send all these to you to host on this website for download by anyone, let me know. Jim Palmer Sr. The number listed on the site is the catalog number at the Harold B. Lee Library.

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It is located in the Americana section, I believe. I am not aware of a digital version. This link will show you the reference: here. I hope that helps. By: Ascentury on Wednesday, 13 March at By: Jeff Cummings on Tuesday, 28 May at By: Ascentury on Tuesday, 28 May at Maxwell became available on the digital streams of YouTube.

By: Ascentury on Monday, 30 September at 7. I have an update to my own question, sort of. This may or may not be useful, but I found a pdf of of the Spanish translation of this meeting. I still am looking for the English version. Even though I can understand it, its not quite the same as reading Elder Maxwell in the original English. By: Jeff Cummings on Saturday, 26 October at By: Jeff Cummings on Monday, 2 December at Robert Millet also heard Maxwell say it in a stake conference in Utah County.

And if that Maxwell quote rings a bell to you, any help you could give me in finding an audio or print source for it would be very appreciated. Thanks for the tip. By: Ascentury on Thursday, 26 June at There is a talk, Taking up the cross , from BYU that deals extensively with this principle without actually quoting his phrase.