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Finally, we get the guff that allowing different surnames for spouses will be the end of the family unit. I wonder if he caught wind of these people; they certainly were making enough of a stink. I too managed to get some flyers off a kind reporter , and here are some of them. Hang on to your logical hats, everyone:.

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In addition to the flyers AS referred to above these are the same people distributing, after all :. We have former ASDF general Tamogami wallowing in all the luscious pink trappings of Japanese patriotism, calling for people to come pay money to hear him speak in Kamakura. This means that the Japanese mass media are controlled by foreign investments. Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was brought down by these foreign powers.


Underpinning all of the counterarguments proffered above is more hatred. NJ hate us. Oh wait, yes it did, back in the bad old days when it led the nation to destruction in a world war. Never mind.

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Reenforced patriotism will surely fix everything! An advertisement for a big free public rally against NJ suffrage in the Budoukan the place the Far-Rightists also protested when the Beatles played back in , as they were too decadent for Japanese morals ; they paved the way for Cheap Trick , however, phew. Wish I could have gone. The Japan Times and Kyodo attended, however. Conservative intellectuals and key executives from five political parties were among the thousands who gathered in Tokyo on Saturday to rally against granting foreign residents voting rights for local elections.

According to the organizer, a total of 10, people attended the convention at the Nippon Budokan arena in Chiyoda Ward, including representatives of prefectural assemblies and citizens from across the nation…. Kamei, who has in the past argued that giving foreigners voting rights could incite nationalism during polling, went so far as to declare that his party would leave the ruling coalition if the government submitted the bill to the Diet….

I am unequivocally opposed. Objections to the bill were also expressed by opposition lawmakers at the Tokyo meeting. I am absolutely opposed. Yoshimi Watanabe, leader of Your Party, suggested that enfranchising foreign residents is a vote-buying tactic. How dare they engage in such suspicious activities! Date: April 13, To: communityinjapan yahoogroups. Can someone help me shed some light on this situation? But this year, I filed my return in early March, and until today had heard nothing.

I called immediately, asked why they needed it and if it was necessary, and got a big variety of non-answers in response. He basically said it just depended on the judgement of whoever got the return to review. Nowhere did it say Gaiijn card for those who have one or something similar. That seems very counterprductive, and when I pointed out as much, again he had no reply. Then I told him I wanted to Google the law that made this necessary and asked him to tell me the name of the law requiring a gaijin card to get a tax refund. He said there was no law. But… what is the deal here?

Has anyone else has this experience? This year only, or have I just lucked out seven years running? Does anyone know what the law DOES say about this? Do I have to submit it? A few things came to mind when I read your story, KYA.

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What do others think? Have things changed? I have included some posts below from The Community talking about this, and they seem to disagree with the Asahi. Methods of communication have shifted as foreigners take on increasingly important roles in devising strategy for overseas sales. The employment of Lee Guanglin Samson, a year-old Singaporean, is one example of how electronic appliance maker Toshiba Corp.

But in fiscal , Toshiba began hiring graduates of universities in Thailand, Singapore and other countries where it has key offices. Currently, nearly , foreign nationals work at businesses in Japan. According to a labor minitry-commissioned survey conducted by the Fujitsu Research Institute on about companies from September through October last year, nearly 40 percent of those companies have hired foreigners with high-level knowledge and skills, including engineers, in recent years.

But 58 companies have suspended their employment of foreigners, showing that language barrier and corporate culture clashes remain a potential problem. In a country where company loyalty remains relatively strong, 25 percent of those companies said they stopped hiring foreigners because previous hires had left for other companies offering better working conditions. In addition, 20 percent said they lacked supervisors who could work effectively with the foreign employees. But the trend has been to expand hiring of non-Japanese as the domestic market shrinks and the declining birthrate is expected to lead to a huge shortage in demand in future years.

For Panasonic Electric Works Co.

[AoE3] Indians vs Japanese: Matchup of the Month [December]

As part of that process, the company hired Musaeva Feruza, from Uzbekistan, in at its personnel division. Meanwhile, Internet shopping site operator Rakuten Inc. In February, Rakuten began distributing papers written in English instead of Japanese at its Monday morning executive meetings, a policy that soon covered meetings attended by all employees.

And in March, the dozens of participants at the executive meetings were required to speak in English.

Rakuten assigns graduates of overseas universities to technological divisions in which they are required to improve their Japanese-language skills and learn in-house culture. The ultimate rejection was mutual, I probably would have turned down their offer anyway after that. The guy was extremely rude, addressing me in horrible Japanese, no manners, etc. It was so bizarre that I thought it might be a test, so I just slapped a smile on and went with it, but I guess they were legit in their discrimination after all.

AB, thank you for writing about your experience. But my main point was to show, even show myself, really, that interviews are not the same as begging, and that they should be a 2-way street. The funniest one was the time I applied to the [insert name of Japan, Inc. Obviously someone had spent time making sure that interviews were part indoctrination from the get-go!

And second, it was amazing what a massive issue it seemed to be that I was related to someone who worked for the competitor. Finally, the offer was made…ta-dah!! They thought that was hilarious!! How clever I was!! But what???

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Why would I want that? I would never be able to adjust!! No, I had to take the term-limited part-time job or nothing. They did point out that the salary they were offering was higher than the starting salary for freshmen workers. Their final reaction? No one turns us down. The big companies have been hiring non-Japanese since the late s, including technical staff. And when I take a step back and look at the whole picture, only one of my friends works for a major Japanese company, and that was only because he applied from the American office as an American who just requested to work in Japan.

In Japan? What company? How do I apply? If I spoke up now, I would just look like a disgruntled reject who is trying to strike back for being rejected. It seemed pretty close to selling jeans at the Gap, but I only made it to Round 2, so maybe at some point art knowledge was required. After all, if things just stay the same all the time, why would they change?

But it sounds like you need work, so forget the crusading and just be creative and positive in your search. They can do as they please, and they do. Students assumed that all of the American faculty came from the US, but of course we were mainly local hires. So even Americans can learn to practice discriminatory hiring in Japan.