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It's a must see! Every psychic has their own fees for their services, and all are "world class". If I wasn't there already, sitting in the Billard Room, awaiting clients, I'd go there myself! I will always do the best that I possibly can to explain all in details that you will understand.

May you live long and prosper! Hi everyone, I am busy with a sick friend who needs assistance, so my blog on the Shadow series will be delayed a couple of days. However, a few notes of worth: Everything you see around you, and that you imagine yourself to be, is a phenomena of your imagination. There are many scientific explanations of this, all dripping with high brow academe; However, the simple explanation is that imagination is whom you arenot what you have.

What you are smelling, tasting, touching, hearing and seeing, is all just fragments of the Greater Self imagination. The Qaballah tells us of the "first matter", which is thought. Thought is a material from which images are created. Your individual self, is an exact copy of the Universal Divine Collective Unconscious.

It behooves us to remember that imagination means,"image making". That my friends, is creation and also Magic! All of us, are psycho-dynamic "baby gods", designed to come up with new ideas about self. For, Self must also change if it is to transform into greater and greater self-awareness. All forces and forms, are "thought of"! But you, have been given the greatest gift a creator could ever give it's self image The Divine Creative already thinks of Itself as "you" and asks no worship from you.

The many "faces" of the One, are we. The many definitions we can invent, we become! The axiom of Gnosis and Qabalah,"Above all things, Know thyself'! Doesn't mean look up your definition in an encyclopedia, nor does it mean to define yourself according to your environment, or the reaction of others. What it means is, Only you can hold intercourse with your brain, and define yourself! You who is "the inner self", I Am, which is the Divine Unconscious! So if your definitions are not exciting, dynamic and expansive, then you are being defined by the "fear of others" and are an unknown to yourself.

If you find yourself looking for a "purpose", it is because you listened to the ruler's the tower of babble all around you and not once realized your purpose is to be "you"; a you that you can only define! So, "Get over yourself and get on with you. For impeccability is what we do!

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You never will be the same you, as you are capable of "changing your thought of You"! The definition of a ruler, is "one who controls definition! Accept no substitutes! Imagination, is who you are.

Spell it out: I-Magi-Nation! The nation that controls the one energy, making it both force and form! Just something to think about, you who are another way to be me! While I am assisting a sick friend, I've got plenty of time to contemplate, so here's the latest one.


Many people ask me. Why do I hurt so? The job is to make "the above like the below", in other words; The Divine Collective Unconscious Mind, must become one with our operative body conscious-mind. To do this, is to bring fragments of consciousness and unconsciousness together in such away that they co-operate.


But consciousness, is a Personal therefore sensual thing, where as the Unconscious is a non-personal, non-sensual, Universal Collective! To be conscious and unconscious at the same time, is a requirement to make the above like the below and it flows only in the power of love, as all truly worthwhile unions do! Immortals aren't vulnerable, thus they lack morality. What does it matter, what you thoughts are, or your actions, if nothing can "end" you?

But if you are vulnerable, i. In the Collective Unconsciousness, the idea of Being, is most precious to the Divine. It wishes to "above all things" know itself. The eternal cannot know itself. It has no end or beginning to examine. Therefore, much mental imaging had to be done to be able to reach the state of a "sensual state of being" so that Self could examine itself! You are the "demi-god" or "God Child" because you are made so, not because you achieve it by religious means. Religions are man-made descriptions of what has already been created and don't make God.

In fact, most religions just make god in man's own image rather than vise verse and many "allow" you to do vial acts to "unbelievers" because you are now invulnerable to punishment! So you, immortal spirit, are made vulnerable, because all the "good" qualities in a personality, come from vulnerability! Empathy, sincerity, love, generosity, charity, discrimination, wisdom and restraint, all come from being vulnerable.

Being invulnerable, causes us to not pay attention to the details!

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Therefore, we become creators who create only what we think and never see the error in our thought. This leaves us unwise, for wisdom comes from, creating our identity, seeing error in that identity and correcting that error! Vulnerability gives us greater ability!

So stop lying to yourself and everyone else, for that is only the need to hide your vulnerability. Fear it not, for vulnerability makes us Loving Creators, rather than fear based tyrants or pure mental scientists, who care not if others are in pain because of their experiments. I am vulnerable, and I like it! I am intimate, because of this vulnerability.

I love to communicate with others because I am vulnerable, for not fearing my vulnerability makes communication an act of love rather than "fear of confrontation". We can only become Christs, and Buddhas because we are vulnerable, not righteous; it is not possible otherwise! To be intimate with all, is Oneness. That too is not possible without vulnerability. So stop drinking away your vulnerability, or drugging it into a dull sniffle in your screaming chemical delusion. Stop your zealotry, and fanaticism, for both are merely masks to hide your fear of vulnerability.

Be naked, and innocent like the children! Be vulnerable, and love it! By doing so pain, is understood as an identifier of error, not a punishment to avoid.

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Pleasure, is rapturous in its freedom to fearlessly be you, when one is vulnerable and does not avoid it. For the best pleasure, is intimacy. That is why we have Senses to make us vulnerable!

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So rather than finding the latest in mind numbing drugs or the most alcoholic drink, or the latest in denial based "new age" thinking and crystal rubbing, thank god you are vulnerable, for otherwise you have no greatness. Greatness, comes from being Vulnerable, and knowing it, and not fearing it! I write this blog, because I am vulnerable, and I love it!