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Fish That Live in the Desert – Pitara Kids Network

Thank you for your patience. Fish In The Desert? By Casey Kuhn.

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Published: Wednesday, July 27, - am. Download mp3 5. Tark Rush holds a striped bass that's about to be shipped to Southern California.

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John Healy looks over one of several tanks he's constructed in his backyard that holds tilapia. Healy walks in his makeshift fish nursery. He grows three different kind of tilapia. Curious tilapia come to the front of a tank in John Healy's fish growing operation. Another view of Healy's tanks in Glendale.

A close up of an aquaponics setup.

Fish In The Desert? Arizona Farmer Nets Sustainable, Commercial Farming Technique

Tark Rush stands in front of in-ground ponds that once held shrimp. Now, they hold baby tilapia and bass. One of about 15 Great Pyrenees dogs that guard Rush's farm. Workers at Desert Springs Tilapia. Arizona Science Desk.

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    • Fish In The Desert? Arizona Farmer Nets Sustainable, Commercial Farming Technique | KJZZ!
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