Death, Estate and Marriage Notices from the Nantucket Gazette 1816-1817

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Anthony, then to A. Williams and Co. The Morton brothers leased the building and established a laundry there in , continuing until when more modern improvements forced to move to the present site at Post Office Square. For ten years members met secretly. A list of members, widows, and orphans was drawn to distribute monies of the Lodge. Only three men were admitted to membership during that period.

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In occurred the great political contest for Congress from this district. Fought with great energy and much bitterness, James L. He was opposed by Micah H. Ruggles of Fall River, the anti-Masonic candidate. The Jacks openly defended Freemasonry. The Hats stood aloof and said nothing, seemingly taking no interest in the matter.

To them the anti-Masons manifested the most intense hatred. Our Bros. James W. Crossman and Charles R. Vickery, heading the campaign, are recorded as counting within ten the total votes cast for the candidates. James L. Hodges was elected. Senate; for several years Congressman, and active in First Parish. He joined our Lodge with David G. Cobb, Oct. He died March 8, At a June 12, meeting it was voted to pay John — two dollars for his honesty in returning the lost jewels of the Lodge.

The jewels, now in our archives, were worn until Sarah Leonard King, daughter of Samuel Crocker, gave new jewels to the Lodge in to the memory of her father. Meetings have since been held in Union Hall on Winthrop St. Neill Osgood who now holds honorary membership in our Lodge. Our first meeting was held there Sept. The old stone cottage, fronting our Lodge room, holds much Tauntonia within its walls. Built in by Joseph L. Lord, Taunton's seventh postmaster, it was sold to our Bro. Francis Baylies. It was said Bro. Baylies, a most gracious host and distinguished and learned man of his day, possessed one of the best libraries in the state.

This house was once owned by Hon. John F. Sanford, Speaker of the Mass. House of Representatives , and Hon.

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Edmund Hatch Bennet, Taunton's first Mayor In the spring of a Dr. Wiley, a newcomer to Taunton, practicing medicine, had never met with favor among other doctors.

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Unfortunately a patient of his died and the cry of malpractice was heard among the community. He was captured by a mob April 8 on Westminister St.

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When Dr. Wiley was about to be tarred and feathered, he gave a sign. Brothers Asa Dean, F.

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Wiley's aid. He was whisked to the inn where the Post Office is now located, placed in a carriage and he departed hurriedly from the town never to be seen again.

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A medal commemorating the event was hammered and, until we moved from 76 Main St. It is the hope the present holder will return it to King David Lodge where it belongs. In Alfred Baylies and others petitioned for a Lodge in his name. Other members petitioned in for Ionic Lodge and in for Charles H. Titus Lodge. We have a picture of him and his officers when he presided in King David Lodge. Through the cooperation of Wor. Robert J.

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Merrifield, Secretary, we find that four members of our Lodge were among the 25 petitioners of St. James Lodge, Mansfield, in Our Bro. John Rogers signed the charter of St. James Lodge and our Bro. Charles M. Deane later was Worshipful Master there. Cyrus White and George W. Spaulding were the others who petitioned for St. James Lodge. When Ezra Lodge was instituted Jan.

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Carleton B. Thomas Hughes, Jr. We gave Ezra Lodge rods for use by-Deacons and Stewards. Henry presided over our Lodge ; was elected a Trustee , and has been Treasurer since Roger Keith in He has been our proxy and a member of the Board of Masonic Relief for many years. In recognition to his long and faithful service, particularly for his work at Masonic Hall at 76 Main Street, he was presented the Distinguished Service Medal on January 29, Each quarter century of progress has been properly noted, especially in and again in A Centennial book was published and a medal struck on our th birthday.

In , when Wor.

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Lynton L. Drinkwater presided, the th anniversary attracted almost at the State Armory on Pleasant St. Edward Warren Burt chairmanned the various committees. John S.

Williams and Henry A. Dickerman were recorded at the time as attending the th, th and th celebrations. Talent from Boston, supplemented by members of our Lodge, portrayed the pageant of Shay's Rebellion. Music was furnished by the Salem Cadet Band. He had served the Lodge faithfully from He was given the title Colonel for his service in the State Police. He was a native of Norton and his remains lay in Norton Cemetery. Not until did our Past Masters receive jewels for their service. From monies gained through the sale of wood on a lot in Easton that had been bequeathed to us by Bro.

Nathaniel Godfrey, 13 jewels were presented at one time. Attempts to give such jewels prior to that date had failed because of lack of funds.

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In each of the wars in which our nation has been involved we have held meetings at all hours of the day to confer degrees upon men called into the armed services. About were made Masons during the Civil War. Seven were killed. George E. Payson, Corp. Thomas C.