Créer dangereusement : Lartiste immigrant à lœuvre (Documents Etrangers) (French Edition)

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Moi j'aime bien celui de Arzach. Le mieux serait sans doute de voir ce qui se fait dans les pays francophones autres que la France et la Belgique. L'homme et non la femme, si vous observez bien!

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Tout comme pour la page "Chinois". Le portail a l'air de bien marcher, peut-on y faire un lien sur la page d'accueil? Et oui.. Mes doigts sont feignants :p. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Completed reading Sept.

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What can Danticat do in Haiti, the country of her birth, when political strife, poverty, and natural disasters occur. Each chapter is set in a troubled era in which she lived, or a historical event in Haiti she reconstructs via art in that time. For examples: Haiti's earthquake, DuValier era when tonton macoutes , terrorized tortured everyday Haitians in the countryside, farmers, families, herdes, anyone targeted based on flimsy rumors they were part of the resistance. On execution day, Papa Doc Duvalier shut down schools; then , he ordered all Haitians to witness a firing squad murder them in a public square.

Why don't I know this history? What can the artist do? Edwidge Danticat acknowledges her vulnerabilities, guilt, good intentions while at a loss about where to start because she's been "gone away". She is lives in material comforts while her grandmother Tante Ilyana resides on a mountainous hilltop. Ilyana guards the family cemetery plot, and insists on a home that requires a day of walking uphill to reach.

I value how Danticat lacks pretensions, her insightful writing knife is not dull. I am foolish to to not read with vigilance. For example, Edwidge Danticat describes a child rescued from earthquake rubble in plain language. For example: Danticat reports a shy Haitian child survived, but did not talk. Her honesty does not shield readers or allow the distance to pretend a happy endings awaits Haiti.

Radio and community theater is valuable as well for that reader. In this way words such as "resistance" do not sound as empty as when I use them at U. Danticat writes in clear, straightforward prose.

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  • I'm learning about Haitian culture in its own right, and not just what happens to Haiti. For the poor and outcast everywhere dwell within their own country, where more often than not they must fend for themselves.

    That's why one can so easily become a refugee within one's own borders - because one's perceived usefulness and precarious citizenship are always in question, whether in Haiti or in that other America, the one where people have no flood insurance" It took me month "Perhaps this America does have more in common with the developing world than with the one it inhabits. It took me months to finish this book, not because the prose is dense or the content uninteresting, but rather because Danticat writes with such vulnerability, wisdom, and skill that as she is exploring her heartbreaking familial history and sharing her views of the world, it's difficult not to put the book down to spend some time mulling over her ideas.

    I will readily recommend this title to many and am trying to figure out how to add it to future sections of my narratives of immigration courses.

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    Aug 01, Dominic rated it really liked it Shelves: nonfic , memoir. I did not intend to read this book of essays so fast. I started it, thinking I'd read a couple essays here and there, maybe one before bed, but alas, I was engrossed. Danticat is not a historian or even a editorialist, yet I learned so much about Haiti and what it means to be a Haitian immigrant in the 21st century from her book.

    I probably would not have been as interested as I ended up being had I not already read most of Danticat's fiction. For fans of her novels and stories, this book is not I did not intend to read this book of essays so fast. For fans of her novels and stories, this book is nothing short of essential. I feel like I understand much better the place from which Danticat births her novels, and for that the novels move even closer to my heart.

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    These essays, which nearly all appeared elsewhere in a similar form but are so seamlessly strung together in this volume that most will not even know it, also have something to offer those of us who appreciate why artists work—especially in light of a country's great pain and suffering. She certainly places herself not as an authority or expert, but someone else on her own journey, and I really appreciate that.

    For me, though, this book is an important reminder as a teacher, a poet and coach, as a Unitarian Buddhist, and a reader. Create dangerously. Read dangerously. Create spaces for both! Dec 12, Les added it. I thought this would serve as a unique writing muse or motivator and I also thought it would stem from a perspective accounting of varied immigrant viewpoints of multiple nationalities. It proved to be neither.