Burning Confessions

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Capital XTRA. So many of the calls have that as the undertone, and I think it connects, for me, so directly and personally with this idea of being heard. I think being heard actually raises the stakes of the confession. If you post a rant on Facebook, it feels dangerous.

The combination of that safety with there still being stakes is, to me, what I hope makes it a truly cathartic experience to confess. HOCHMUTH: Yeah, and what it adds for me if you talk about the internet—the fact that this happens on the internet all the time in different media and different forms—is that the internet often has this incentive for feedback.

The catharsis just comes from knowing that you can get this off your chest. What happens when you have the blank slate of speaking, when you just have space to fill? Voyeurism, feeling like they owe the person that time?

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What have I not heard? When do they feel complete? In many ways, honesty is the only, best thing.

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We threw it in there for a couple reasons. The truth is a tricky thing, but truth is actually just the easiest thing to do, because it requires no imagination. And the only way to really do it is be sincere with that person, like, why make up a lie? Why make up another version of the truth when you can talk about what happens or how you feel, rather than how you want to be seen? He singles out all these practices that developed over millennia to help communities live together and create bonds, and that part resonated with me.

For me, the confession is one of them.

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The Jewish religion has many other beautiful rituals that are really helpful in a community setting, and yet we have completely thrown all of them out in the secular world. How does that happen in a secular world? I worked at Instagram early, when it was small, and, I would say, very much at the core just people connecting over photos.

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  5. I think seeing the inside of Facebook gave me a very different picture of how these networks operate and what their true intentions are.