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Now, suddenly jealous that her younger sister is closer to marriage than she is, Berta is not only amenable but asks Khavshe to persuade Schlessinger to give her a second chance. She revises her appearance to the attractive young maiden she really is and goes to Schlessinger—for herself. She finds him singing a love song, which becomes a love song for her. They become engaged. Meanwhile, her family pleads for her return. So quickly did it become a hit that Cab Calloway took the title for an otherwise unrelated new swing-band tune, A Bee Gezindt.

Some look for riches, some look for power, to conquer the whole world. Some think that all happiness depends only on money. Let them all search, let them all scrounge. But I think to myself that I have no use for such things, since happiness is waiting at my doorstep.

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Tracks Liner Notes Lyrics Credits. By: Neil W. The air is free, equal for all; the sun shines for everyone, whether rich or poor. Based on research by the historians Ina Markova, Rosemarie Burgstaller, and Sophie Bitter-Smirnov, the project's curators, Elke Krasny and Barbara Mahlknecht, have conceived of an open archive for the exhibition. This installation allows for an understanding how National Socialism informed art education: materials from the Academy's University Archive - personnel sheets, lists of students, curricula, exam regulations, minutes of professorial staff meetings, budgets, lists of master school awards and materials to be provided - document the institutional routine.

Activists and artists, many of whom have studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna or are teaching there now, were invited to present works or develop performances related to the subject. The artists' positions articulate activist interventions into the memory of institutions, relate to the standardization and disciplining of bodies through education, and reveal how women's politics were implicated in National Socialism.

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On April 20 and 21, , an international symposium with lectures, talks, and workshops will explore issues of institutional memory, National Socialist educational policy, the connections between politics of remembrance and artistic practices and question hegemonic histories in the field of art education. More soon! This event will be FREE!! Pickles, wodka, and I don't even need to carry around a bass. More soon I will also be playing for dancing every day for the brilliant Steve Weintraub, a man that you ought to dance with.

By , a truck arrived, which was immediately surrounded by comrades; under the professional grip of our KZlers, using the two beams -- the stone was set in its place. By the truck drove off, the line dissolved and the monument was unveiled. As early as the KZ-Verband called for the creation of a monument dedicated to the victims of the Nazis at Morzinplatz.

After two years of willful ignorance on the part of the city, it was decided to take action "without government authorization" and to erect a memorial stone on the sixth anniversary of the liberation of Vienna. The stone became a central place for anti-fascist remembrance. In , the stone was relocated because of the construction of the Leopold Figl-Hof, and then in the stone was replaced by the monument that stands today.

At that moment the yellow star, representing Jewish victims, was added to the stone's original red triangle, representing political victims, thereby enlarging the scope of the memorial. Since the 's there has been a struggle to commemorate homosexual and transgender victims as well -- so far with limited success.

The panel will discuss the struggle for memorialization on Morzinplatz. Self-organized interventions, and the official culture of commemoration are the markers of larger historico-political fault lines: which monuments were built on site, which were not? How does their visibility interact with discourse and public debate, on the one hand, and ritual and commemoration, on the other?

Why does the city of Vienna have such a strained relationship to anti-fascist commemoration and the critical handling problematic monuments? Why must the city so often be forced into dealing with these issues? During the event, a commemoration ceremony will be held for a never erected obelisk. Appropriately festive dress is required.

Um 19 Uhr fuhr ein Lastauto vor, das sofort von Kameradinnen und Kameraden umringt wurde. Nachdem zwei Jahre lang nichts geschehen war, beschloss man "ohne Bewilligung der 'Obrigkeit'" zur Tat zu schreiten und errichtete am sechsten Jahrestag der Befreiung Wiens einen Gedenkstein. Der Stein entwickelte sich zu einem zentralen Ort antifaschistischen Erinnerns.

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Um zahlreiches Erscheinen in angemessen festlicher Kleidung wird gebeten. Looking forward to returning to lovely Moldova, especially since it will be Springtime! I will stock up on pickles, wine and shiny shoes. February , Klezmer workshops and concerts with Jake Shulman Ment! Looking forward to this one. This is not to be missed! Private address.

For more info please email yiddisharttrio gmail. This is some of the best new Yiddish music with the best new Yiddish food.

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Lake Altadena, Ca. Klezmer Sessions at Tachles This Monday, the 24th is the last one. Featuring Avi Fox-Rosen!! See you there! A huge pleasure to be the co-host of the Monday night jam sessions at Tachles here in Vienna. Co-hosting with the brilliant Esther Wratschko. This is a low pressure, big fun environment. Come on out!

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Every monday in November. New band, new music. October 26, Hoffest am August Klezmer Session Wien Open air at the Augarten. With Fabian Pollack. Details soon.

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Recording Yiddish Art Trio May we will be making a new recording. This will be a good one! This is a great festival, with a very good breakfast buffet. Additionally, I will be teaching the weekend afterwards at the festival. No advance ticket sales. Week of Feb 3rd, workshops in Los Angeles.