A WWII Odyssey The Lipskis of Lodz

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There was a problem obtaining your download from the archive, please try again. You must have a Footage. No Clip Bin selected. You must select a specific Clip Bin to access the share feature. Please select an existing Clip Bin or create a new Clip Bin before saving. Polish Lessons Hi Joanne! I myself very much interested in learning Polish and I have been told that it could be a good place to interact with the Poles and learn Polish. Polish Language lessons Gary, are you still interested in Polish lessons.

Old Polish folksong March 12, The girl was looking for her grave in the cemetery-"Szla dziewczynka szypkiem kropem" to tell her Mother that-'nowa mama jesc nie daje, tylko suchy chleb, tylko suchy chleb. I'm hoping that perphaps someone in this region might know the words.

Are you sure you're looking for Polish catholich church, not Roman catholic? My father was born in Poland but the surname is unusual. Can anyone help richard smura stafford To add response, see our Current Polish Messageboard. I've got Sundays and Mondays free and evenings as well. My father is Frank Pietrzkiewicz who is 93 this year.

One of my Dad's brothers lived in Prudnik and had 4 children before he died in Please send me your grandparents names as I think we are related. I have recently had requests for the book we produced about the Polish community at Blackshaw Moor, Borderland Voices We still have copies, so please inform anyone who would like to get in touch. Between and the Soviet Union deported some 1. Those that did, did so by the route your father took. These people lost everything and there was never any question of reparations due to the fact that at the end of the war, the Soviet Union was an ally that had sacrifised a great deal.

Therefore it would have been,shall we say, rude to excuse this great ally of attempted genocide. I believe there is a similar group for Belorus deportee's and somebody there could probably point you in the right direction. English teaching Hi, I am a well experienced English teacher. If there are any Poles who need assistance with English language children or adults , writing formal letters, filling application forms Domi London To add response, see our Current Polish Messageboard.

Cycle Ride to Warsaw I thought you would like to know about a very special cycle ride that Marie Curie Cancer Care we are organising in September 9th — 15th this year.

Irish University Review, Oct 2014, vo. 44, No. 2 : pp. 1-71

We are a major UK cancer charity with an obvious connection to Warsaw. This was so successful that we have organised an even larger event for Will involve cyclists riding from 5 different cities — Krakow, Gdansk, Prague, Berlin and Vilnius — all arriving in Warsaw at the same time. It is the largest event of its type ever undertaken by a UK charity and it has attracted considerable press attention in the UK.

WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 2)

We have already recruited over of the riders but are looking to have all signed up by April. We thought that this event might be of particular interest to the Polish community, particularly the Gdansk route which may have specific significance to many. My name is Jim Cooper and I am the event organiser. You can find out more about the event at www. I am currently trying to put our family tree together, and have in the process found a couple of family members, as you can imageine this has been something beyond description!.

However, I would like to know if you have any history on the Potter's of G. Dads time? We still have a tea set he produced. I shall get the address and pass it on to you via this medium, alternatively you are welcome to send me an e-mail - I would really appreciated it. Regards from South Africa. My interest is that my father is polish.

His father was arrested by Stalinists 1n and never heard of again.

Their land and property was confiscated and my father had to escape via Siberia he joined the Polish army and then in the middle east joined the RAF. This is how he ended up in Manchester. When the allies ceded eastern Poland to Russia many Poles were unable to return home. Over the years Jewish groups have had a voice and received reparation from Germany but I can find no similar voice for the Polish people who lost family and property in what is now Belorus.

Any chance of you finding out if anything can be done to raise the profile of what is an elderly group of brave people? I can give you polish language lessons. For further details please contact.

Fallen Soldiers 1

He has interesting things to say about the discriminatory way he was treated as an Alien, over here, when he felt he had fought as 'one of us' and should be treated as such I think he'd be prepared to be interviewed. He lives near Pontefract, ie near Wakefield and Leeds. Could you tell me about more about your project so I can introduce him to it?

Catholic Churches in birminhgam try this link: click here Joanna M. HIs surname was shortend becouse it was to long and i have been trying to find out what it was,could anybodey help me. Looking for large Polish family My grandfather had 12 brothers, he came to America around and I would love to know how many relatives I really have. His name was Adamciewicz. Once I was in a club in Manhattan and this guy and I looked at each other and we had the same face.

Polish I am looking for Polish people around hayfield or new mills area. There is a work availabe. Alicja To add response, see our Current Polish Messageboard. To Terry Abrahms Hello. Your father's name would be in polish: Henryk same as Henry , The sace gets more complicated with your uncle. If his name come from "Maurice" and that's the only thing I can think of he would be called Maurycy.

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But it is not for sure. Mary Street, High Wycombe, Bucks.

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Saturday at 7pm.. Sunday at 4pm Tickets from the Box Office or visit their website: www. We would like to make contact with anyone in the Stafford Polish Community with a view to help with our fundraising activities. I hope you can help.

My uncle to Morris Abrahams. Church Hello Can you tell me if there are any Polish Catholic Churches in Birmingham please and when and at what time they run? Natalia birmingham To add response, see our Current Polish Messageboard. Ahhh, does anyone know anywhere in London where i can buy polish sausage?? Can you help? Polish in Preston Hi! If you looking for someone who speaks Polish, plase write to my. Czesc, jesli szukasz kogos z Preston z kim moglbys porozmawiac po polsku napisz do mnie. This site is geared towards helping all native english speakers who are living in, working in or visitng poland.

Please stop by have a look and use the resouces contained within including link list and message board. Thank you. The Club over the years had started to decline.

A World War II Odyssey: The Lipskis Of Lodz

A group of younger local mlodziez put forward proposals on keeping the klub to continue to be run for the community by a seperate body with good intentions and profits to be ploughed back into parafia. PBF and Rektor in their wisdom handed it into private hands to do what they wanted as a business venture. A year down the line, Balham Klub is a mess, it no longer serves the parafia but caters for 'Najgorsze hooligani z Polski' The police are called to the club as there is always trouble, there are wet T-shirt competitions and the state of the club is disgusting.

The local Polish community are so upset that this has happened and is happening and the people and their families who had paid for this club no longer feel welcome and are extremely upset because they have lost their focal polish club to a greedy businesss venture agreed by PBF. My Dad always called him Mikolwai? It means Santa Claus. Tell me the right way of spelling that, please! Re Jan Kowalski from Manchester Jan Kowalski's sweeping assertion branding all recent Polish immigrants to Britain as dishonest, corrupt and simply evil is not only misleading but also a downright lie.

He obviously has not met any of these new arrivals, nor read in the British press the favourable comments about them.